Q: What is TCA’s purpose?

A: The Tennessee Communication Association is a professional organization for communication scholars, faculty, and students who seek to improve communication education at all levels in Tennessee, encourage research in communication and foster community recognition of effective communication.

Q: What are the annual dues?

A: Dues vary depending upon membership type. The types and fees are as follows: New Member (first year free), Student ($5), Regular ($25), Adjunct Faculty ($10), Emeritus, no fee (Must be retired from active service and have been a regular member for 15 continuous years.)

Q: What is the membership period?

A: Association membership is from fall conference to fall conference.

Q: What can I gain from TCA membership?

A: A TCA membership is beneficial to those seeking professional development opportunities, wanting to participate in communication-related programs or those who wish to network with colleagues. Frequently, a person is the only person within a field or emphasis area. Whether you are in education or the private sector, TCA provides an opportunity to network with colleagues for collaboration, professional enrichment, and discussion among peers.

Q: How do I join TCA?

A: Upon the completion of the membership form and payment of dues, any person interested in promoting TCA’s purpose may become an organization member.

Q: When is the annual conference?

A: Mid-September each year in the Middle Tennessee area.

Q: What happens at the TCA conference and how can I participate?

A: The conference is an opportunity to renew or develop new associations and share ideas and research. A variety of communication interest areas are discussed and members may propose programs or submit papers for consideration to be presented at the conference. The Interest Groups organize paper presentations and discussions/forums on topics such as those listed on TCA’s Interest Group and Group Chairs page.

Q: Besides the annual meeting/convention, what else can I expect to occur during the year?

A: Members have an opportunity to network with colleagues for collaboration, professional enrichment and discussion among peers. In addition, the TCA President and Executive Committee correspond with members on important issues in the communication community through Zoom meetings twice each Fall and Spring semesters.  In addition, a current Presidential Committee and a Core Curriculum Committee examine curriculum issues on member campuses and at the state level. These committees are also charged with proposing strategies for examining, addressing and improving the general education core, or changing major programs, to TCA.

If you have other questions, please let us know!

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